Step 1
Read Entire instructions before beginning installation for a more thorough understanding of each step.

Before beginning installation, drain your OEM Tank.

Throughout install - set OEM parts and hardware aside, noting locations they were removed. Most items will be reinstalled in later steps.

Remove OEM Seat, Shrouds, and Toolbox (indicated in image).

Step 2
Remove Upper Shroud Clip and Upper Radiator Bolt on both sides of the bike as indicated.

Step 3
Drill the Upper Shroud Mounting Location with a 1/4" bit as indicated.


Step 4
Remove indicated Motor Mount Bolts from the chassis on both sides.

Step 5
Unhook and remove Smog Canister.

Step 6
Mount the supplied Smog Canister Bracket to the canister using the OEM bolts and 2 supplied 5mm Lock Nuts and 2 supplied 5mm Washers. Ensure that Bracket is aligned as shown with the bracket bending slightly away from the canister at the top.


Step 7
Place the supplied 6x16mm Flange Bolt and 1/4" thick Aluminum Spacer onto Smog Bracket as shown.

Step 8
Remove OEM Horn Bracket Bolt and install the Smog Canister Assembly aligned vertically in this location as shown.

Step 9
Remove the Electrical Retention Clamp found in the location shown.


Step 10
Flip the clamp removed in step 9 and reinstall as shown in order to offset this electrical connection further into the chassis.

Step 11
Place the 2 supplied 10x40mm and 2 10x35mm bolts with spacers into the supplied Lower Tank Brackets as shown. The 10x40mm bolts are placed in the location shown with the thicker spacers (2 x 10x20x13 spacers). Use the 2 suppiied 10x20x7 spacers in the remaining location

Step 12
Mount both Lower Tank Brackets to the motor mount locations on the chassis as shown.


Step 13
Place the 2 supplied 6x25mm and 6x20mm bolts into the supplied Upper Tank Brackets as shown. The 6x25mm bolt is placed in the location shown using the 2 supplied 9x11x6 steel spacers.

Step 14
Mount the Upper Tank Brackets to the upper radiator mount location and the previously drilled location as shown. Secure bolts snug enough to prevent wobbling, but loose enough that the bracket can be moved. The 6x20mm bolts previously placed into the brackets will be secured with 2 6mm lock nuts. Do not tighten these nuts at this time. Loosely install them on the back of the bolts just enough to keep the bolts from pulling out.

Step 15
Remove the Side Panels, Exhaust Pipe, Exhaust Shield, and Rear Fender Cover. Also remove the Lower Exhaust Bolt Indicated and the bolt found on the opposite side of the bike in a similar location. Then Slightly loosen the bolts found on either side of the bike securing the front of the tank.


Step 16
Disconnect the CDI, Fuse Box, Battery, Battery Box, Rear Electrical Supply to the Tailight, Gas Cap Vent Hose, and Seat Hook Release Line as shown.

Step 17
Disconnect the remaining lines attached to the fuel tank including 1 Fuel Line Connection and 2 Electrical Lines as shown. All lines should now be disconnected from the Fuel Tank.

Step 18
Remove the Bolts previously loosened on either side of the bike attaching the front of the Fuel Tank.


Step 19
Remove the Fuel Tank from the Bike.

Step 20
Using a Smooth Cut Flat Mill File, gently surface the fuel outlet location on your OEM Tank. Your intention is to create a flat and smooth sealing surface in this area.

Step 21
Use a 9/32" drill bit to drill into the OEM tank exactly centered on the location shown. Be careful to not drop debris into the tank while drilling.


Step 22
Disconnect the 90 degree Fuel Outlet Assembly with 8" Line and Coupler from the supplied Fuel Line Assmbly and install to the OEM tank using the supplied 6x12mm Flat Head Allen Bolts and Flat Petcock Gasket.

note the small blue O-Ring on one side of the Quick Disconnect. Be carefull not to damage any of these o-rings throughout the isntallation process. Also take great care when reattaching the quick disconnects to not damage the o-ring with the metal portion of the female side of the quick disconnect.

Step 23
Place a small amount of fuel into the OEM tank and carefully tip to test the installed Fuel Outlet for any leaks before continuing.

Step 24
Place the OEM tank back into position and loosely secure Forward Tank Retention Bolts. Ensure that the Installed Fuel Outlet Line exits chassis as shown without any obstructions.


Step 25
Reconnect the 3 lines indicated to their original positions on the OEM Fuel Tank.

Step 26
Reinstall the Fuse Box, Battery Box, Rear Electrical Supply to the Tailight, Gas Cap Vent Hose, and Seat Hook Release Line as shown.

Step 27
Route the supplied 40" section of 5/32" vent line on the right side of the bike as shown. (Yellow line has been used to highlight the routing path)


Step 28
Remove Ignition Key Cover

Step 29
Use the supplied 1/8" T-Fitting to connect the Rear of the Vent Line as shown.

Step 30
Route Vent Line as shown and install supplied 1/8" T Fitting


Step 31
Reinstall Lower Tank Bolts (Including Exhaust Mounting Bolt on oppoosite side). Torque to OEM Specs.

Step 32
Reinstall Upper Tank Bolts. Torque to OEM Specs

Step 33
Reinstall Exhaust Pipe and Exhaust Shield.


Step 34
Route Supplied Large Preassembled T-Section of fuel line through chassis as shown, with the longer section going through the chassis. (A yellow line has been run parallel to the Fuel Line to help with illustration purposes)

Step 35
The Line will exit the other side of the vehicle as shown (again indicated by yellow line for illustrative purposes). You will need to disconnect the 3.5" section of fuel line at the quick disconnect. The Quick Disconnect fitting will fit through this passage, but only in the most open channel in this area, and only the male portion of the quick disconnect will fit. Again, be cautious with the blue o-ring on the disconnect. You will reinstall the 3.5" section of fuel line in a later step, set it aside for now.

Step 36
On the Right Side Panel, use one of the previously removed engine bolts to mark a half moon on the edge of the panel in the location shown. The edge of the bolt should be 1 inch from the tab as indicated in the image.


Step 37
Using the previously created mark, carefully trim the Right Side Panel.

Step 38
Reinstall Side Panels and Rear Fender Cover

Step 39
Remove Rear Brake Resevoir and re-route OEM Vent Lines behind the bracket as shown. Reinstall Rear Brake Resevoir when finished.


Step 40
Continue routing Vent Lines and Reconnect to the Charcoal Canister, trimming as needed.

Step 41
Install 2 Supplied Universal Fuel Plates with Flat Petcock Gaskets to Left and Right IMS Tanks using 4 x 5x12mm flat philips head bolts as shown.

Step 42
Install 2 supplied 90 degree Barbed Outlets securely to Left and Right IMS Tanks, aligning outlet towards rear of Tanks as shown.


Step 43
Loosely install the 2 supplied 5mm 90 degree Screw In Vents into Left and Right IMS Tanks.

Step 44
Attach the Fuel lines to each of your IMS Tanks using supplied 1/2" x 5/16" Hose Clamps, noting the position of the spikes on the hose clamp. The right side tank will connect directly to the previuosly routed T-Section of Fuel line in the chassis. The left side tank will first attach to the small remaining section of provided fuel line, and will then connect to the Fuel Line Quick Disconnect previously routed through the chassis.

Step 45
Loosely install Left and Right IMS Tanks to the Lower Tank Brackets using the supplied rubber strips and 4 supplied 6x25mm bolts on each side.


Step 46
You have reached the difficult portion of this installation. You will need to systematically tighten the 4 lower tank bracket bolts to move the upper tank inserts into a position where they align with the upper tank bracket.

Align one insert at a time using the following tips:

Tightening the Front bolts of the lower bracket will generally bring the Upper Front insert toward the back of the machine.

Tightening the Back Bolts of the lower bracket will generally bring the Upper Rear insert down towards the ground.

Pressing the upper portion of the tank towards the Upper Tank Brackets can also help lower the Upper Rear insert.

Keep the upper tank loose enough to move, but not so loose as to wobble greatly - If you loosen this bracket too much at this point, it can cause problems later in the installation.

As you get each of the 4 inserts into position, loosely secure it with one of the 4 supplied 6x12mm bolts with a 10mm head.

Tighten all 4 upper bolts to the tank once full alignment has been achieved.

Be patient with this process, you may find you need to loosen and retighten the bottom bolts in different orders to obtain alignment.

Step 47
Route Supplied 7" section of 5/32 Vent Line on right side as shown. (Illustrated with Yellow Line for clarification)

Step 48
Drill into the Black Plastic Frame Panel with a 27/64" Drill Bit, approximately level with the vent fitting installed on your IMS Fuel Tank. Be sure that the location you choose is clear of frame rails and electronics on the rear of the panel. Choose a position as far forward as is possible, without being obstructed by the Forks when turned completely to the left. See Step 49 for further clarification on the position of this hole.


Step 49
Note how the hole is unobstructed by the Forks when turned completely

Step 50
Route Supplied 6" Section of 5/32" Vent Line as shown. (Illustrated with Yellow Line for clarification)

Step 51
Connect Previously routed lines to your IMS Tank Vent Fittings and then to T-Fitting as shown and position T-Fitting in illustrated position.


Step 52
Replace Ignition Key Cover

Step 53
Reinstall the battery and CDI

Step 54
Remove the Front Yellow Section from each of the radiator shrouds and install to your Radiators as shown


Step 55
Carefully remove the the plastic retaining the remaining yellow sections of your shrouds and remove the yellow sections.

Step 56
Carefully remove the plastic pins from your shroud which were previously attached to the yellow section

Step 57
Carefully remove the front tabs from your shrouds.


Step 58
Place the supplied half moon template onto each shroud, following the instructions printed on the template

Step 59
Following the lines provided by the templates, carefully cut a half moon into each shroud.

Step 60
Place the supplied drilling template onto each shroud following the instructions on the template


Step 61
Drill each of the two circles on each supplied drilling template with a 1/4" drill bit.

Step 62
Install the 2 supplied 14x8x6 Step Washers into your radiator shrouds in the location indicated

Step 63
Reinstall your Radiator Shrouds, including the previously placed 6x20mm bolts and 6mm lock nuts. You may now tighten all of this hardware.


Step 64
Reinstall your seat, then fill each of your IMS Tanks Slightly to ensure no leaks at the fuel outlets. Once tested, fill all three fuel tanks. Before every ride, check for leaks and ensure that the tanks do not bind or in any way inhibit the controls of the vehicle. Check for any sharp object which may come into contact with the tank and eventually puncture the tank.

Enjoy your new IMS Tank.